Our Process




  1. 1
    Strategic Assessment
    In order to create a Game Plan, it’s important that we develop a clear understanding of your organization and its objectives.

    Questions to Consider

    • What Are Your Goals?
    • Analysis/Review of Existing Plans?
    • Golden Handcuffs: Retention of Key Officers?
    • Equity Compensation?
    • Incentive Compensation?
    • Retirement Income Strategies?
    • Planning for Directors?
    • Succession Planning?

  2. 2
    Plan Design
    Using a consultative approach, we will develop customized Plan Design alternatives that integrate with your organization’s strategic plan.
  3. 3
    Plan Implementation
    Whether it’s meeting with your Board or Compensation Committee, assisting with regulatory compliance documentation, or enrolling plan participants, GFG will guide you in the successful implementation of your plan.
  4. 4
    Plan Financing
    To help finance Compensation Plan expenses, GFG can craft a sound financial strategy and deliver institutionally-designed financial products in order to fuel your Executive Compensation Program.
  5. 5
    Plan Servicing
    GFG’s client-focused business model ensures that our clients’ Executive Compemsation Programs are handled efficiently with limited time required by the staff of the client.  Whether it’s presenting Annual Review Reports at Board meetings, providing on-demand data for examiners, adding new participants to a plan, or addressing basic questions- our team of professionals is committed to providing excellent client service.
  6. 6
    Analysis and Review
    GFG’s Analysis & Review is a crucial component of our process to help address the questions below:

    How does your plan stack up to industry peers? Are your current plans working? Does the structure of your existing plans need to be modified? Do your current plans comply with regulatory and accounting guidelines?